Hotel review: Sofitel, Athens Airport

The essentials about our stay:
Rate: $175/night
Room type: Superior Room – 2 single beds
When: July 2012
Booked through:
Breakfast: Not included, but good buffet available for a reasonable price

2 Single Bed room - photo courtesy of

2 Single Bed room – photo courtesy of

OK, first off, I’ll apologize – there will be no Chitalian original pictures of this hotel because I was too tired to even think of taking pictures of the room by the time we arrived!!  We were fresh off of our Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Adventure, and headed home after a couple of weeks of travel around Greece and Turkey, so we crashed very hard upon arrival at this hotel!  But I took pictures from the Sofitel website, and here’s where the hotel earns its first point: you know how often the pictures online of a hotel don’t come anywhere near the reality that you see when you arrive?  Usually the reality is much worse?  Well not here!  The room we got looks just like the room pictured above.  Point 1!

The front of the hotel

The front of the hotel – photo courtesy of

The hotel location is very convenient.  A Greek friend who lives in the US had recommended the hotel to me because she usually stays there on her last night in Greece when she is flying out the next day.  When we arrived at the airport, we weren’t sure if we needed to take a shuttle to the hotel or something, but we realized it was even more convenient than that – we could walk right across the street to the hotel!  2 points for convenience!!  And check in was very swift and professional, so we got to our room very quickly.  Another point there.


Restaurant – photo courtesy of

Another key factor for us was the bed.  We had a double room, and we both crashed hard that night.  It was the end of the trip, and we were exhausted!  And let me tell you, that was one comfortable bed!!!  2 points for the comfy bed!!  After a good night’s sleep, we were almost ready to continue on our journey home.  But first?  Breakfast!


Restaurant – photo courtesy of

Now, breakfast was not included in our hotel reservation, but it was reasonably priced and they had a broad selection, so another point there.  From fruit & yogurt to hot food, cold cuts, cereals, and smoked salmon  You really can definitely find something for everyone.  On second thought, let’s add another point for the breakfast spread!  We finished breakfast, and it was time for A to go get her flight.  I walked her over to the airport across the street, and had a few more hours before my own flight.  I was starting to feel a little bit queasy, so I went back to the hotel.  Unfortunately, I felt increasingly nauseated and wound up vomiting once I got back to the hotel…. A had no issues, so I’m sure it wasn’t the breakfast, so I am not going to take any points away.  It was probably just a quick little bug because I felt slightly feverish, and slept a couple more hours before my own flight.  Thankfully, by the time it was my turn to get onto a plane, I felt much better.  I’ll give some credit to the restorative nap in the comfy bed!

Unfortunately, my stay was so short, I didn’t have time to explore the hotel or services offered any further, so the point total here is merely 8 Chitalian points.  Not too bad considering how little time we spent here!  Again, the scale is undetermined, and 8 is a reasonable score, but really the bottom line is this: would I recommend the hotel to someone?  Yes!  If you’re looking for something conveniently close to the airport, you’ll probably get a rest here to get you ready for your onward travels!!

Until the next post,

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