Hotel Review: Jimmy’s Place – Selçuk, Turkey

IMG_2041After an exhausting day of travel, we arrived in Selçuk, and made our way to Jimmy’s Place. It isn’t a fancy hotel, it is pretty basic, but it is clean, and the staff is friendly. Plus 3 points. Unfortunately, due to the snafu in communication (they say they never got my email, but I did send 2 about this), our airport pickup wasn’t able to be arranged, hence the mini-bus adventure described in my Simply Selçuk post, and I find that a little bit suspect so I’ll deduct a point for that – it would be -2, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe it landed in a spam folder or something…..

A very basic room; nothing fancy, but all necessities (including a fridge) are here!

A very basic room that sleeps up to 3 as is; nothing fancy, but all necessities (including a fridge) are here!

Now, whether or not you’ll like Jimmy’s depends on what kind of traveller you are. If you demand luxury and the finer things in life no matter where you find yourself and whatever the cost, this is not the hotel for you. It is a simple & basic hotel. But if all you’re looking for is a clean & comfortable place to lay your head, and do little else, this is perfect. It is centrally located and walking distance to the local shops & restaurants. 2 points for location & convenience. They provide you with breakfast, and the breakfast buffet is not huge, but still manages a good array of different foods and I think that there’s something for everyone there. Another point. I will deduct 1/2 a point for the bathroom in our room, because though it was clean, it was somewhat too basic, and definitely cramped. Not a fan of their bathroom, though it was functional.

Another view of our room

Another view of our room

We had booked a Superior Twin room (though we got a twin and a double), at the low rate of 40 Euro for the night. Plus two points for value!! Our view was nothing special, but we did have a balcony, so I’ll give another point for that! Another two points for the helpfulness of the staff – they booked a tour for us for Ephesus the next day, and were able to arrange for a car to take us to the airport. One point will be immediately taken away though, due to the fact that the “car service” seemed to be someone’s personal car, that was not particularly clean and did not seem to have working air conditioning, so the ride to the airport (about 45 minutes) felt very, very long…. especially when we stopped off at some mechanic’s house along the way to see if he had a part for the A/C (assuming I understood that correctly!!) Overall, though, I would say that Jimmy’s Place is way better than a youth hostel, but way more basic than most hotels. Don’t come here looking for amenities. But for what we wanted, and what we needed, it suited our purposes just fine. Overall? 8 1/2 Chitalian Points….. still trying to figure out what that means? Me too, but it’s a solid score, compared to the other hotel reviews I’ve done!!  Bottom line: I’d recommend it!

View across the street

View across the street

Our balcony & view

Our balcony & viewJimmy's Place flyer

Jimmy's place map

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