Another blog my readers might enjoy….

Well, readers, occasionally, if I stumble across another travel blog I enjoy, I share it with you all, and I’ve found one that I really like: Legal Nomads.  Jodi is a former NYC lawyer and a Montrealer, and though I’ve never met her, those things alone drew me to her….. and then her level of foodiness & her writing style totally won me over.  I’ve subscribed recently, and thought that my subscribers & visitors to my site might enjoy her writing as well.  Here is a link to a post of hers that I particularly enjoyed:

I plan to use her as a resource when A (my Turkey travel-mate who turned me on to Legal Nomads) and I start getting serious about a trip to Burma, that we’re contemplating for 2014.  She even wrote a post for G Adventures on visiting Myanmar (Burma) safely.   In fact, she has a Travel Resources section on her site, that should be very useful!

2 responses to “Another blog my readers might enjoy….

  1. Hey you… I was planning traveling to France for Rhonda’s 50 but a number of things Chang e( will call and bring you up to speed) And we have changed our plans and are switching to Montreal; next week. We have no idea where to begin… Any suggestions?

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