Hotel Review: Fairfield Inn & Suites, Montreal Airport

I didn’t plan to stay at this hotel.  I normally would pick a hotel to stay in that is in Downtown Montreal, if I can’t stay with friends in the area (which is what I usually do – quick shout-out to J, JF, S & R who have frequently hosted me in Montreal!  Love you guys!  Please come back to visit me soon so that I can return the favor!)  I wound up staying here because of a travel delay, and because the airline sent me here with a voucher that I was unable to use…. for details of that ordeal, read this previous post about my fraught-with-challenges  journey to Athens.

That being said, I had a great experience staying at this Fairfield Inn & Suites, and if I’m ever looking to stay somewhere near the airport in Montreal again, I’ll definitely go back.  You can’t beat the convenient location for travel (though not for access to the city) – especially with their free airport shuttle bus.  Earned their first point!

I arrived late at night, and had some issues with the voucher I had been issued. But the staff was helpful, friendly, and sympathetic to my weary traveler issues, and did everything they could to make my check-in and stay as pleasant as they could. Point #2.  The nice front desk guy (I really wish I remembered his name so that I could give him a shout-out, because he was really awesome) made sure to get me the best rate he could as soon as we realized that Air Canada had given me a voucher I couldn’t use so I’d have to pay for my own room.  Point 3.  The room was basic, but clean.  Point 4. The rate was good.  Point 5. The bed was comfortable.  Point 6…. and maybe that even gets them up to 7, because that’s important to the weary traveler, especially when they have had a tiring day!  Yes, that one might be worth 2 points on the amorphous Chitalian rating system scale!  They didn’t have a restaurant for dinner, but did have plenty of menus for restaurants in the area that would deliver to the hotel, and in the morning they did have a nice spread for their complimentary continental breakfast. Minus a point for the lack of restaurant, but plus a 1/2 point for the book of delivery menus and a full point for the good, though overcrowded, free breakfast spread.  There is free wireless internet. Another point!  Beyond that, I can’t say I took advantage of anything else that they offered because I was only there for, literally, less than 12 hours.  But I would recommend it to anyone looking for a convenient place to stay, by Montreal-Trudeau Airport!

8 1/2 Chitalian points!  Bottom line: I’d recommend it to those looking for an airport-adjacent place to stay!

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