Hotel Review: Embassy Suites, Mexico City

OK, so I figured that after having spent close to 150 nights in hotel rooms last year alone, I should share my thoughts on the various places I stay…. so here is Travelling Chitalian’s very first dedicated hotel review post! I started drafting this a few months ago right after my Mexico City trip, so don’t be thrown off by the fact that it will probably soon be followed wipore views of hotels in Greece and Turkey, as I am now in Greece and will soon be in Turkey!!

Embassy Suites – Mexico City

I was here for business travel, so I can comment on the rooms, the restaurants, and the conference facilities. Let’s start with the rooms. The first suite I was given reeked of smoke the second the bellhop and I walked into the room. He noticed right away, called the front desk and had me immediately moved to another room. 1 point for service right there! The bellhop was very friendly, spoke very good English so I didn’t have to struggle through my broken Spanish – which would have been even more broken than usual after a long flight there – Point 2 for service! He showed me the features of my room – a king suite, with a nice seating area in the front, a little dining table, and a nice big flat-screen TV in the bedroom as well as the seating room. After he left, I settled in, unpacked a bit, ordered room service and took a nap. Room service was quick, and the food was good. Point 3. The menu offered a decent selection. Point 4. Only down side of room service was that when I tried to be healthy and order the grilled vegetables they had run out so I was tempted into ordering the Queso Fundido (basically a piping hot dish of melted cheese, served with flour tortillas and salsa) – much worse for me! So I’ll deduct 1/2 a point for running out of veggies.

The bedroom had no windows, which can be a drawback, but it made the room nice & dark when I wanted to sleep, and there was a window in the seating area/living room, so I didn’t mind. The bed itself was comfortable, with nice sheets & lots of pillows. I got great sleep in it! Point 5.
This was the view from my window.

The location was good. It’s actually a few blocks from where I stayed on my first visit to Mexico in 2007, so I was familiar with the area. From the hotel, you can easily walk to the Mercado de los Insurgentes, as well as to lots of restaurants & other hotels. There is shopping in area. I’m not sure if it is technically in the Zona Rosa, but if not, it is certainly close. Point 6. There are also attractions in the area, like the Monument a la Revolucion, pictured above and better below, that I could see out of my window. Point 7

Monomento a la Revolucion – image from Wikipedia

The restaurant in the hotel was pretty good. We ate there every day during our conference, and the food varied from day to day and there was something for everyone. Point 8.  The breakfast offered an omelette station, which I’m always a fan of. Point 9.

The hotel lobby bar offered a free daily happy hour, well drinks, wine or beer. Free. Every day!  Points 10 & 11, I say! (But be a class act and tip your bartender generously when the drinks are free!!)  It made for a great spot to make friends with other hotel guests and twice in my week there my coworker and I ended up going out with other travelers we had met at happy hour. Point 12.

My personal point tally on my yet to be defined Chitalian Rating System Scale? 11 1/2 points. Whatever that means!  This rating system is still new and fluid, but I think that’s pretty good.

The bottom line? I’d recommend it! And I would stay there again myself!

Thats all for now. Stay tuned for my adventures in Montreal, Greece, and soon, Turkey!!


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