Rains in Africa

While I have about a half-dozen ½ finished posts that I should probably be wrapping up instead of writing this, I can’t resist taking a few moments to reflect on where I am right now.  I just had to write this now, in the moment, while it is happening.  So forgive me if I jump around from Cameroon to Tanzania and back again, as my posts will now officially be out of chronological order, but I really wanted to record this as it happens.  Even though it might take me a few days to have a strong enough internet signal to post it…..

I am sitting in my room, on the second story of a 2-story Maasai-style bungalow at the Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge, and it has started to storm.  I mean, it is really, really coming down!!  Thunder, lightning, the works!!!  I LOVE it!!  There’s nothing like sitting in a cozy room while Mother Nature is on a rampage.  The plains that are a ways out in front of my balcony are now no longer visible, as the gray clouds have rolled in along with this evening storm.  The lightning bolts light up the hills and valleys spread out before me every once in a while, but then it returns to foggy gray-ness.  The water is pelting down, and the sound is somehow incredibly soothing.

As I wonder about what all the animals I saw today (lions, a hyena, some giraffes, hippos, little monkeys, a ton of baboons, and all kinds of birds) are doing during this downpour, I can’t help but think back fondly to my Aunt’s late dog (who, sadly, died over 15 years ago), who would sneak up to the third floor of the house (where he knew he wasn’t allowed to be) to hide under my bed whenever there was thunder or fireworks – both of which freaked him out.  When he was scared and just looking for company, we let the fact that he wasn’t supposed to be on the 3rd floor of house slide.  He was ½ Irish setter, ½ Lab or Golden Retriever I think, but whatever his mix, he was just simply one good dog!!  I can’t help thinking that he would have HATED this storm here.  But I am loving every second of it.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been living in Djibouti, a country that only gets 13cm of rain every year.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved curling up under the covers during a big blizzard and a big rainy thunderstorm is the next best thing.  Whatever the reason, I’m totally loving this storm in the Serengeti.

Another rain storm off in the distance, across the plains

That said, I hope it stops in time for my nature hike tomorrow…….

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