Travelling Chitalian’s Top 10 Tourist Activities (outside the US)

Recently, I was having a quiet & pensive moment (both together not that common for me, as I’ve been running around quite a bit lately!), and realizing how lucky I have been.  I’ve had many opportunities to visit cool places, see beautiful landscapes, and do some amazing things.  Thinking back over the years, these are some of the best things I’ve ever done on vacation.  I’d recommend them to anyone!  And, I’d welcome any recommendations for other activities that might knock some of these off the list – a Top 10 list should be something constantly evolving after all, shouldn’t it?

Top 10 Favorite Tourist-type Activities I’ve Done On Trips (outside of the US):

  1. 3-day Kayak trip around Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand with Kaiteriteri Kayaks. [If you go, and Horey is still a guide there, ask for him – he’s awesome!!]
  2. Swim with Whale Sharks in Djibouti
  3. Take a wooden sled trip down Europe’s longest sled trail in Vipiteno, Italy.
  4. Swim with a HUGE pod of Dusky Blue Dolphins in Kaikoura, New Zealand with Dolphin Encounter.
  5. Petting a Cheetah at Aquila Safari in South Africa.
  6. Horseback tour in Petra, Jordan.
  7. Bicycle wine tasting tour in Blenheim, NZ (my favorite wine of this trip was the Kathy Lynskey Pinot Noir, sadly not sold outside of NZ – if you go, pick me up a bottle or two!….. oh, shoot, it looks like they sold the vineyard…. that’s disappointing!)
  8. Windsurfing in Margarita Island, Venezuela.
  9. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, cool despite the dorky coveralls they make you wear!
  10. Spending a birthday (in my case, my 28th) at Tivoli Gardens, the world’s oldest amusement park in Copenhagen.

Clearly, my one trip to New Zealand and Australia was just full of fun activities, as one trip (albeit a 28 day trip) made this list 4 times (3 in New Zealand, 1 in Australia).  So, I’d say, if you’re an active person and you want to have an amazing vacation, you can’t go wrong with a trip to New Zealand!  I know that after reminiscing about my trip about 5 years ago I’m thinking I’m about due for another one…..

Wishing you all wonderful experiences to constantly evolve your own Top 10 Lists,

And here’s a preview of things to come: soon I will be posting on my recent Land Yachting experience in Djibouti, which came very close to bumping something off this list.  If the wind had been stronger, and more consistent, I think it would easily have made the Top 10 – I’ll probably try it again, and then who knows, maybe if it’s a windier day and I get more out of it, it’ll be Top 10 Worthy!

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