Well, I’ve been back from a lovely & relaxing weekend at the beach with a good friend, immediately followed by a short work-trip to South Carolina for about a week now, where I managed to get stuck for an extra night thanks to a flight cancellation due to mechanical difficulties.  One thing this trip has taught me is that I’d rather be delayed to let them fix my plane (or they are welcomed to find me a new one in the alternative – that happened on the way down) than to have them rush and put me on time, onto a plane that doesn’t work right!!!  And although my work trips to South Carolina are always good, my travel luck there is lacking, as I’ve now had my departing flight cancelled on 2 out of 3 trips down there, and had to stay an extra night both times……and the first time I shared my room with a poisonous spider (a brown recluse) for my added night’s pleasure!  Here’s my hope though: I’m hoping that I get my bad luck over with on the relatively short trips, so that I have some good luck coming my way for the longer trip(s) back to Africa in the fall!  I’ve also been having really good parking karma in NYC recently, so we shall see if that holds out.  I’m still wearing a good karma bracelet I was given for Christmas a couple of years ago, so hopefully it’ll keep doing its thing!  It is a little worse for the wear as it has gone through a lot – it has been to the beach, gone swimming in pools and rivers, and generally gotten a lot of use.  But I guess that, though it may encourage good karma to come my way, I suppose the thing with karma is really just to be a good person, and good things will happen to you….. I do my best in that regard, but the bracelet is a good reminder to do the right thing sometimes! 🙂

The trip to South Carolina itself was very productive, and also had its share of fun memories in addition to the good training experiences.  For one thing, a group of us went on a kayaking trip organized by Adventure Carolina (  If you’re headed down there, Justin is a great guide, and took us on a memorable trip down the Congaree River.  The coolest part was definitely when we went through a lock on our kayaks (the now defunct dam apparently has some rebar sticking out in there – doesn’t sound too safe to kayak through!) and pulled over for a while.  We were able to climb a ladder down into the lock and jump into the water (live vests securely fastened) and ride the small rapids and current down-river for a little, before Justin threw out a rope for us to grab onto to be towed back to where we’d pulled our kayaks over (I’d say we beached them, but it was more of a river bank than a beach…… don’t know my kayaking terms well enough to know how to properly refer to that!)

Anyway, that’s all for now.  I don’t have too many interesting stories to share for now, so I’ll go back to enjoying the extension of NYC restaurant week ( and the rest of my summer.  In September I have a little trip or two planned, but nothing big.  And then I’ll be back with more postings in the fall when I return to Africa!

Love and happiness to all!
the travelling chitalian

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