Hello world!

Well, this is my first foray into the world of blogging!  I’m sure I’ll figure out how this all works as I go along – in the meantime, bear with me!  I am choosing to blog anonymously, largely because of what I do for a living and where I’m going to be doing it.  All are welcomed to read, but any who know me, please refrain from referring to me by name or occupation.  I am creating this blog primarily to share a major upcoming travel experience with my friends and family, and any comments I make regarding the countries I visit or the cultures I encounter should be read as being my own views and experiences, and are not intended in any way to reflect the views of my employer – hence the anonymity!  I will be sharing pictures and stories of my travels, and welcome your comments and questions!  The countdown to my trip begins today, as I’m scheduled to leave 2 weeks from tomorrow, so Africa, here I come!!

With love,

the Travelling Chitalian

(and, yes, I used the British/Canadian spelling of travelling – as opposed to traveling – not sure why……just did! Having gone to school in Canada until 1/2 way through middle school before moving to the US, I think you’ll find I go back and forth between British/Canadian spelling and American – but you should be able to understand me either way!!) 🙂

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